Unveil the Enthusiastic and Astounding Wildlife of Tripura

Tripura is rich in flora and fauna. Thus there are many wildlife sanctuaries in Tripura that are a abode to many animals, birds, insects and plant kingdom. There are four sanctuaries in the state namely, Rowa wildlife sanctuary, Sepahijala wildlife sanctuary, Trishna wildlife sanctuary, Gondacherra Wild Life Sanctuary and Gumti wildlife sanctuary. The crab-eating mongoose, which was last sighted about 72 years ago in India, can be seen at the Sepahijala wildlife sanctuary.

Gumti Wildlife Sanctuary:

Gumti Wildlife Sanctuary-Tripura tourism places
Gumti Wildlife Sanctuary of South Tripura is extended in a huge area where it has a large water reservoir which magnetize several local resident birds along with some migratory birds. Elephants, Sambar, Bison, Barking deer, Wild goat or Sarow apart from many other animals and reptiles reside in this sanctuary. If you are interested in Eco Tourism then this Tripura tourism places is the best destination for you. Audacity of many types of flora and fauna. It is rich in countless medical and therapeutically botanical species of plants.

Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary:

Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary-Tripura tourism places
The Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the north of the district. You can approach from Panisagar and is adjoining to the National Highway. This Sanctuary in Tripura is a small wildlife sanctuary covering an area of 85′85 hectares . It is one of the few ruins of the natural forests left. This sanctuary is easily reachable to the tourists from all around. Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary affords plenty of scope for study by the botanists, ecologists, environmentalist and students of wildlife system.

Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary:

Dusky Leaf Monkey
This wildlife sanctuary is expanded in a large area which brags exceptional and exotic birds and monkeys. You will also find a Botanical Garden Zoo, which attracts a commoner and a Botanist similarly, a lake and plentiful species of trees. All through out the year this sanctuary is exceptionally green with plantation. Along with primates you will see macaque, Rhesus, Capped langur, Pigtailed macaque and Spectacled langur. This is not only a wildlife sanctuary but also a Research Center. The stunning view of 150 species of migratory and non migratory birds is bewitching. The diverse part of the sanctuary shelters dissimilar animals and birds, Primate Section, Carnivores Section, Reptile Section, Ungulate Section and Aviary Section. The lakes titivate the sanctuary like Abasarika and Amrit Sagar lakes provide facilities of boating.

Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary:

The Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary-Tripura tourism places
Prolonged in a great area this sanctuary is rich in vegetation and animals. This sanctuary is a kind of Research Center for younger generation to speculate the natural habitats of animals in depth. It has a giant compilation of Indian Gaurs, migratory and resident birds like Pheasant tailed Jacana, White breasted King Fisher, Red Jungle Fowl, primates, Indian Black drongo and many animals. The water spots in the sanctuary are for studying the animals and birds of the place.

Gondacherra Wild Life Sanctuary:

Gondacherra Wild Life Sanctuary-Tripura tourism places
If you are looking for a break from daily repetitiveness come to Tripura tourism places to see this sanctuary and absorb in pure and tranquil ambience. Traveling deep in the dense forests where a rendezvous with Tigers, Deer’s, Bison, various primates, and even a few wild horses is possible will be enthralling with a combine reaction of excitement and fear. The water bodies adjoining the sanctuary are a home to many migratory and non migratory birds.