Enjoy the Fiesta of Tripura

The Tripura Festivals includes both religious and cultural festivals. The international culture of Tripura has outcome in the celebration of several festivals in Tripura. As the main part of the population of Tripura is Hindus. The festivals that are celebrated here are the common festivals celebrated all over India. Apart from this there are many festivals that are exceptional to the state of Tripura.

All throughout the year there are a number of festivals celebrated in Tripura with great spectacle and gaeity. Some of the well-liked religious festivals that are celebrated by the people of Tripura are Ashokastami Festival Unakoti in the month of April, Manasa Mangal in August, Kharchi Festival in July, Pous Sankranti Mela in January, Diwali Festival in November, Rasha Festival in November, Durga Puja in October and many more.

While among the cultural festivals Rabindra and Nazrul Jayanti in May, Book Fair at Agartala in January, Orange and Tourism Festival at Jampui Hill Range in November are few of the names. These festivals magnetize large number of pilgrims and tourists visit Tripura tourism places from all over India.

Garia Puja- It is celebrated on the 7th of April to seek prosperity and enjoyment round the year. It is marked with sacrifices of cocks, hordes of devotees, both men and women.

Durga Puja: During the month of October/ November, durga Puja is celebrated with great active participation. After the celebrations end, the idols of Durga are taken in a procession and immersed in water bodies.

Ker Puja: It is a tribal festival celebrated within particular boundaries which is not allowed to be trespassed by anyone else.
Tirthamukh: It is celebrated in January / February during the Uttarayan Sankranti by a lot many devout. People gather and take holy bath irrespective of their caste, class, creed or race during the festival.

Kharchi Puja: This puja held in July is an attraction for all people visiting the Chaturdas Deutas Temple in Old Agartala to worship the fourteen deities of head image.



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