The Demography of Tripura

The people of Tripura are mostly tribal. The tribes of Tripura are of Tibeto-Burmese origin.The Tripuris, are the largest tribe live in the west while large numbers of Reangs and Jamatias live in the north and south respectively. You will find many ethnic and scheduled tribes communities in Tripura on behalf of a pleasant social environment. These people speak Bengali, Tripuri and Manipuri.

Tripura is home to a major number linguistics groups, and thus, it has a very complex culture. Dominant cultures in the state are Tripuri, Bengali, Murasing, Munda, Koloi, Halam, Kuki, Garo, Mizo, Chakma, Uchoi, Mogh, Noatia, Jamatia, Oraon and Santhal.

The Tripuris live in lofty houses made of bamboo called ‘Tong’ to keep away wild animals. The population is largely Bengali in spite of 19 Scheduled Tribes. The other tribes are Chakma, Halam and Usai. Some of the tribes still stick on to old-fashioned customs like floating colourful sunshade in ponds to honour the dead!

Hindus constitute a vast majority of the population in the entire state, most of who are the native Tripuri people and the Bengalis. Lord Shiva and Goddess Tripureshwari are largely worshipped by Hindus in Tripura. Festivals celebrated by the Hindus in the state are Navratri, Kali Puja, and Durga Puja.

The second largest community in the state is Muslims. They are mostly Bengalis and belong to the Sunni section. The Christian population in Tripura usually consists mostly of the tribal people in the state and some native Tripuri people. Baptists in the state form a majority among the Christians in the state closely followed by the Roman Catholics. If you u want to know more about the people living in Tripura, then make a trip to Tripura tourism places.


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